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23 November 2017

A medium-sized public sector agency requested that Maitland Consulting Group provide a train-the-trainer program to develop and refresh the training skills and techniques of a group of approximately 20 internal trainers who will delive ... Read More »

Assessment centre recruitment and selection

17 November 2017

In 2012 the Government of Western Australia charged a mid-sized public sector agency with┬ádeveloping and running two, 10-bed disability justice centres to accommodate people with intellectual or cognitive disa ... Read More »

Human resource issues during the sale of a government trading enterprise

9 November 2017

A large government agency was selling one of its businesses to the private sector via a tendering process. Tenders from interested purchasers had been received but not yet evaluated. The agenc ... Read More »

Graduate recruitment and selection

19 October 2017

For the third year in a row Maitland was asked to run the recruitment and selection process for a large government agency. They were aiming to recruit between 25 and 30 students in their final year of university for on ... Read More »

Your finance system or a system of our own?

12 October 2017

This small organisation is an off-shoot of a larger one and is growing rapidly. When it was created it was decided that the new organisation would use the already existing finance system of its parent organisation. It was given ... Read More »

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Case Study: Organisational Review

25 August 2017

Click the link to download the Organisational Review case study

Case Study: Competency Framework

8 August 2017

Click the link to download the Competency Framework case study

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Engaging leadership maximising the potential of your people

24 October 2014

Shaping the Future is a longitudinal action research study and engagement programme exploring sustainable organisation performance. It aims to advance both thinking and practice through generating new. ... Read More »