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  • Graduate recruitment and selection

    19 October 2017

    For the third year in a row Maitland was asked to run the recruitment and selection process for a large government agency. They were aiming to recruit between 25 and 30 students in their final year of university for one of four areas – General Corporate, Workforce Data Analysis,  Information and Communications Technology and Finance and Business,. The graduates were to begin work in February of the following year.

    The recruitment process was broken into two streams with the Finance and Business stream conducted in the first half of each year to coincide the graduate recruitment period for the major finance and accounting firms and the other two streams in September of each year.

    Maitland organised the whole process after the applications had closed and Maitland organised all of the following stages of the recruitment process:

    • Short-listing
    • Short-listing meetings
    • Notification to those who were initially unsuccessful
    • Notification to those who would be invited to attend an assessment centre
    • Design of the assessment centres
    • Trained internal assessors
    • Four assessment centres, which included a written case study as a separate exercise
    • Another short-listing based on the assessment centres
    • Organised and attended interviews
    • Wrote interview questions
    • Contacted referees
    • Provided feedback to applicants who asked for it
    • Wrote the recruitment and selection report

    Maitland was involved in the first year after winning an open tender and this was extended once, based on our successful performance. A request for quote was issued for the third year and we also won this.

    Feedback we have received each year has been very complimentary with comments such as:

    • Maitland has refined the process so now it is much better than it has ever been
    • The consultant knows the department and its expectations so it is very easy to work with her
    • The consultant guides us through the process
    • Since Maitland became involved the recruitment process has been much quicker and there have been no appeals
    • The graduates who were chosen to commence work the next year have fitted in very well and none have dropped out
    • We would like to use Maitland every year
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  • Your finance system or a system of our own?

    12 October 2017

    This small organisation is an off-shoot of a larger one and is growing rapidly. When it was created it was decided that the new organisation would use the already existing finance system of its parent organisation. It was given one license to do so. This meant that the CFO had to download their financial information on a spread sheet, so others could use it. This had become cumbersome and was very unsatisfactory.

    Maitland was asked to review how the organisation was using the current system and to see if it was making it difficult for the CFO and others in the new organisation. Another question that they wanted to answer was, if they did require their own system, what features should it have?

    Maitland conducted this review in a short space of time and recommended that they did need their own system and provided some information about a few commercially available systems that they may like to investigate.

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  • Case Study: Organisational Review

    25 August 2017

    Click the link to download the Organisational Review case study

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  • Case Study: Competency Framework

    8 August 2017

    Click the link to download the Competency Framework case study

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  • Engaging leadership maximising the potential of your people

    24 October 2014

    Shaping the Future is a longitudinal action research study and engagement programme exploring sustainable organisation performance. It aims to advance both thinking and practice through generating new…Download PDF here.

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