Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Are your employees as effective and productive as they could be? Is this holding your business back?

Determining any skills gaps is the best place to start. Maitland works with you to identify gaps and then design and deliver programs specifically to fill the gaps.

Maitland’s core strength is delivering tailored and fully customised development programs. This is highly valued by our clients who often question whether off-the-shelf programs can changing anything.

We always recommended evaluating programs, as well as reinforcing and embedding learning post-delivery with structured and targeted coaching support. It is important that learning is retained and used in the day to day roles of each employee. We can evaluate this for you shortly after the training and then several months later to see what long term impact training has had on employees.

Our extensive range of program topics can be run as facilitated workshops, group coaching, or individual coaching. We can also offer on-line learning.

Build the skills of your employees using some of the best trainers and facilitators to create high performing teams and engaged employees.

Call Maitland to discuss the many options available to you.


Stepping back and working out the capabilities needed for your business to thrive makes for a successful Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Working out where your people are in relation to the required capabilities of their job completes your TNA.

Over the years we have found that the most successful learning and development programs use a well-constructed TNA as a first step.

Some clients complete their own TNAs, while others ask for the objectivity of an external consultant. Either way, to get measurable value from your strategic Learning and Development program, start with a TNA. Then any request for ad hoc programs can be assessed in the context of the overall program and delivered where needed.