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  • Leadership in Flight

    Leadership in Flight

    From in-house concept discussions through to planning and design of this comprehensive and challenging leadership program Maitland has been very excited knowing that in 2015 it would be able offer its clients something a little different in Leadership.


    The specific content isn’t set yet – that happens once we know about your organisation and the people who will attend the program. As in all programs, tailoring and customising content is what is very important at Maitland.


    The program concept has been designed to stretch the best in your current and emerging leadership group. The facilitators use a variety of approaches when running sessions and draw on technology to help your leaders practice new concepts and ideas.  The aim is to first practice, and then to become highly skilled.  Think and reflect, and then to become clear and confident in their own ability to be great leaders who care about their organisation and the people that work there and the community in which it operates.


    Ask us to talk to you about the two new programs Maitland is now offering.

  • The Ripple by SideWhiskers © 2014 TM

    The Ripple by SideWhiskers © 2014 TM

    This new and different tool has been developed in collaboration with one of Maitland’s oldest clients. Working on the project to develop this tool has helped to crystalise some of the concepts Maitland, and others, have grappled with when exploring innovation and how to effectively support it in an organisation.


    The Ripple was described by one client as the “stone you drop in the water to get things to start to happen”.

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    New tools and new global trends from Europe

    With the diversity of people in leadership roles in the 21st Century, recent research in Europe is now pointing to emerging new leadership theories.  Many of the past and more recent leadership theories have come from research focused predominately on large organisations in the United States.  To reflect these emerging trends the RWG, a UK-based consultancy, has developed a suite of leadership instruments.


    These tools emerged from research, funded by Kings College London, which was based on responses of 4,500 employees from 200 UK (Fortune 100) companies. The RWG research has been acknowledge and written up in many professional journal articles. Maitland has joined forces with the RWG, a commercial spin-off from Leeds University in the UK, so it can now offer its Australian clients easy access to these leading-edge leadership instruments.


    The instruments are aimed at specific markets and roles, such as clinician, fire and emergency, police, executive and non-executive Board members, partnering relationships, local government, governance, and leadership and organisational culture.  They are used globally.


    Call Maitland to discuss the suite of tools, and accredited Australian-based coaches, who support their effective use.