Why Choose Us

Business Consultant Perth

We make a big deal about getting it right. We make sure that we completely understand what it is that you want. That way we can make the best match of consultant/s for you and your project.

What drives us

The most important reason why you should work with Maitland is the wrong choice of project scope or engaging the wrong consultants is simply too dangerous. We are driven to do a great job for you because we know how important it is to you. We want to see you and your organisation achieve success with your projects.

People value the intangibles

Maitland offers clients a great deal of flexibility, security and comfort. Engaging external consultants, trainers, or coaches can be a worrying time for many people. Clients know that at Maitland they will only ever meet some of the very best and appropriate consultants for their projects.

Clients place a great deal of trust in Maitland and the ability of its team to meet the clients’ requirements and expectations. The team at Maitland Consulting Group appreciates and values the trust and long history it has with many clients and organisations.

The tangibles matter too

The many benefits of working with Maitland continue to evolve as Maitland grows and expands. We continually assess and monitor new innovations or approaches as well as inviting new members into the Group. Some of these benefits were provided by clients during our evaluation process at the end of each project.

Tangible benefits include:

• Help clarify your thinking
• Third party endorsement of consultants
• Work to gain the best outcome for your business
• Helps move your business forward through careful understanding of your needs
• A large number of consultants, so we can select the most suitable
• Ability to match the coach to the person asking for coaching
• Know the consultants inside out, so we can choose the best one for your project and culture
• No vested interest in which consultant you choose
• Present you with a short list of many capable consultants
• Put teams together with best mix of skills and experience
• Customised solutions – no off-the-shelf packages for you to fit into
• Highly experienced consultants – both as consultants and as employees
• Highly qualified consultants
• Ongoing evaluation of consultants
• Effective feedback to consultants
• Suggestions to you on how to get the best out of your consultant