Organisational Change

Organisational Change - Management Consulting Firm

Does change just happen to you, or do you plan for it? Often we can’t plan for change, for example if one of our major clients goes elsewhere, or if there is a change in legislation.

Sometimes change is planned, like when we get a new IT system or the structure of the business changes and some of the roles are changed.

When people understand the need for the change and can contribute to the process, change can be a successful, positive experience. Change often fails when people don’t understand why it is necessary because either it has not been communicated well, or has not been communicated at all!

It’s all in the communication. If people understand why we need to change they will see the benefits and will be more likely to participate in a positive way. We can help you communicate why your organisation is changing, as well as working with you to design the change process and then implement it.