Psychometric Tools and Surveys


As an HR or OD practitioner you may wish to gain a greater understanding or insight into the people in your organisation. This insight may assist you in understanding individual development needs, recruitment and selection, or when planning strategies or programs for change.

As an individual you may value insight to your own behaviour or those around you so you can be effective in your role.

There are a many ways to gain this insight. You may wish to consider using one of the many psychometric tools and surveys available in today’s market.

We are able to help you select the tool or you may already know what one you want to use. Many of the tools require accredited people to use them.

Maitland’s team is accredited in a large number of tools.

  • A range of EQ tools by Genos, Goleman, and Bar-On
    • EQi, Genos EI, EQ360
  • Mental Toughness (MTW48)
  • Goal Attainment Scale
  • Giotto Integrity Assessment
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Integrated Leadership Measure (ILM 72)
  • Change Concerns Tool
  • HBDI
  • Human Synergistics tools
    • Leadership style inventory (LSI)
    • Organisational cultural inventory (OCI)
    • Organisation effectiveness inventory (OEI)
    • Group Styles Inventory (GSI)
  • Dension – Organisational Cultural Surveys (DOCS) and 360 tools
  • Margerison-McCann – Team Management Systems (TMS) suite of tools
    • Team management profile (TMP) – information about work preferences and interaction with others
    • Strategic team development profile (STDP). This tool looks at the eight key strategic questions that are fundamental to the development of high-energy teams.
    • Linking skills profile (LSP). This is used when developing high performance teams.
  • Kouzes and Posner – Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI)
  • Prevue Assessment (CANADA)
  • Marston – DiSC
  • Myers-Briggs – MBTI
  • Psych-K Practitioner
  • Psychometric tests such as WRAT, personality and intelligence testing. These are administered by Registered Psychologists.