Company Profile

Company Profile

Today and into the future


The Board – respecting the past and evolving for the future

Today Maitland Consulting Group continues to evolve, grow, and look for new opportunities. As it goes through this process the Directors and Advisory Board are very conscious of making decisions for the long-term success and sustainability of the company. They want to ensure any decisions they make do not jeopardize those important elements of Maitland Consulting Group that helped to create the success it is today. They want, however, to also be confident they are taking Maitland in the right direction so it remains up-to-date and relevant to the people and organisations it works with today and into the future.


The Growth

Our aim is to grow in a way that supports the longevity of Maitland Consulting Group as it moves into its third decade of operating in Australia.


The Consultants

The stability and the quality of the consultants who choose to work on projects with Maitland has been a core reasons clients regularly wanted to work with Maitland. A comment like, “my manager said to go to Maitland because you always get a very good outcome from them”, is an example of the pleasing comments we often hear. These types of comments are achieved as a direct result of the commitment and dedication of our team of talented consultants and facilitators.

Our core value has remained consistent for many years and will continue to be our core value into the future. It is “To always do what is right”.