Your finance system or a system of our own?
12, October 2017

This small organisation is an off-shoot of a larger one and is growing rapidly. When it was created it was decided that the new organisation would use the already existing finance system of its parent organisation. It was given one license to do so. This meant that the CFO had to download their financial information on a spread sheet, so others could use it. This had become cumbersome and was very unsatisfactory.
Maitland was asked to review how the organisation was using the current system and to see if it was making it difficult for the CFO and others in the new organisation. Another question that they wanted to answer was, if they did require their own system, what features should it have?
Maitland conducted this review in a short space of time and recommended that they did need their own system and provided some information about a few commercially available systems that they may like to investigate.