23, November 2017

A medium-sized public sector agency requested that Maitland Consulting Group provide a train-the-trainer program to develop and refresh the training skills and techniques of a group of approximately 20 internal trainers who will deliver internal training programs. The people attending the workshop were not full-time trainers, and the delivery of training is in addition to their normal daily roles. There was a range of skill and experience within the group.


Our approach was to ensure participants had the opportunity to learn about training delivery techniques and to refresh the current skills and knowledge they had as trainers. There was a range of skill and experience within the group so we recommended splitting the group into three cohorts, with each group having a different level of skill.  Having smaller groups of approximately seven people enabled the Maitland consultant to video and critique participants on their individual training style. Smaller groups also meant the level of feedback and learning could be much greater.


This training program was broken into two sessions:

  • One-day session

The first half of this whole day session covered content, structure, skills, and techniques of training. During the second half of the day we videoed each person doing a segment of a training session they normally run and they then practiced their delivery and the group then gave feedback. This session provided each participant with an area, or areas, to work on over the two before the next session.


  • Half-day follow-up session approximately 2 weeks later

This enabled a new video session for each participant where they incorporated the new skills, ideas and content discussed during the first session. This enabled each participant to see where and how their training style had improved.


Each participant kept a record of their two videoed sessions so for later review. This acts as a reminder to them of the things they practiced and areas where they could improve.


The internal trainers have now begun to run training sessions on their own and feedback from their participants has been very positive.