Singapore and the Region
27, January 2015

Singapore and the Region

With many companies operating within the region Maitland is from time to time asked to run projects either in Singapore or partly in Australia and partly in Singapore.
Robyn is one of a number of consultants who work with Maitland who have completed their PhDs. She has many years of consulting experience as well as extensive academic qualifications which ensure her approach to coaching is based on sound and well research methodology. Robyn is an outstanding executive coach and works within the region. She lives in Singapore but studied and worked in Australia before moving overseas more than 15 years ago.
Many Australian-based consultants in the Maitland team also regularly travel and work independently within the region of South-east Asia including Cliff (Malaysia and Singapore), Ray (India), Jim (South-east Asia) Susan and Renu (Malaysia),Deb (remote coaching within the region), and Rowan (China, USA, Europe, and South-east Asia).
Like others in the team Rowan has an interesting mix of assignments where the majority of his work is either done overseas or via online technology and the occasional Perth-based project. This experience brings a valued skill to the team when clients need remote training services or specific expertise in working in mixed or single cultures in a global operation.